Papiamento step by step

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Papiamento step by step has been designed for beginners and aims to provide you with a solid foundation. The exercises were created so you can easily learn to understand spoken Papiamento and easily learn to speak the language.

The books contain five chapters that focus on everyday communication and the repetition chapter gives you a chance to review everything and see which lessons you have mastered and which lessons you need to practice further. The Course Book contains texts, grammar, writing exercises and dialogue exercises. The Theory Book contains pronunciation rules, grammar explanations, vocabularies and answer keys. The two books form a complete package with which you will be able to learn the beautiful language Papiamento.


This successful method was first written in 1993 by Mario Dijkhoff, linguist and expert in Papiamento. After gaining a lot of experience as a Papiamento Teacher, he wrote this study book specifically for adults.

About the author

The Aruban born Mario Dijkhoff († 2015) was a linguist. He was known in the world of ‘Art with Words’ and he was a professional in the field of languages. He loved his mother tongue Papiamento and beside his well-known Dictionary Papiamento-Dutch / Dutch-Papiamento he also released other books. You can find an overview of those books as well as a short resume at the end of this Course Book.

Online Papiamento lessons and support

Dijkhoff Papiamento Courses is a foundation based in The Netherlands and is the publisher of Papiamento step by step. The foundation recommends everyone to take at least a few lessons when learning this language. The lessons are taught through Skype or WhatsApp in English, Spanish, Dutch or German.

For more information and support please contact Gregor Dijkhoff, founder of Dijkhoff Papiamento Courses.

Papiamento Coursebook
Papiamento Theorybook


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